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We dream to design - what you think is different !
About Signature 3 Group

S3G is a DIVERSIFIED MEDIA HOUSE established in 2010 with an aim of delivering the best. Having Corporate Office at Cuttack, we always intended towards the expansion during the last 3 years and as a result, now we have opened 4 Operation-cum-Sales branches at Guwahati, Kolkata, Bengaluru and New Delhi respectively.

The wide professional experience that, our founder gained in the state, and the versatility of his associates allows the firm to offer a perfect and balanced mix of Indian creativity and professional dynamism to its clients. A continuous and wide presence in the State of Odisha as well as PAN India makes S3G a competitive and cutting edge firm for both the local and national clients. Being a multi-tasking entity, attention to every single detail, professionalism, creativity and a touch of irony are the distinctive features that, makes up the agency's foundation. For over last 3 years, we have collaborated together with different clients in terms of needs as well as of business areas, and worked out various solutions for each one in order to guarantee a tailor-made service. Our founder is associated at IAPR (Indian Association of Public Relations) and he is a member of TP ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION, the main Indian Professional Advertising Association.


S3G is not only a Service Provider, but can transform itself into a Business Partner by creating bases for the collaboration with its clients with transparency and mutual cooperation. S3G’s modus operandi is defined by its stringent guidelines and fundamental values, which can be observed as its signature mark in each and every projects.


S3G is not simple a team of professionals at business disposal but it complements the activities of the marketing and communication. Unity of purpose and a common vision allow the teamwork to achieve settled goals.


Understanding creativity as a value and not as “Personal Taste” is the privileged means that form the basis of marketing and communication strategies. It requires continuous updates and constant research of style, languages and trends in the publishing scene.



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